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500 Miles Across the North of Spain (May 2020)



It started out like any other idea, dusty, messy and unorganized. I thought about running and what I would never achieve while pursuing the sport, I would NOT become an elite athlete, I could not even come close to some of the incredible finishing times in the running world, but I could run, for a really long time, days on end, so I decided I would do just that.

No, I have never even set foot on El Camino. I guess that is part of what makes this journey so enticing, the idea of reclaiming my personal kingdom, traversing across a land I know so little about, just to know how it feels, to shake myself awake in the midst of life. I once heard that “no energy is new energy” it is only recycled and re-used in new ways. In a way I feel that it is my duty to honor this energy, to honor setting huge goals and actively taking part in regaining your sense of self.

And if it is true what they say, “ the function of freedom is to free someone else” I hope I find the way and the words to inspire others to take hold of opportunities when they present themselves and create them when they don’t, be a bit more vulnerable and change directions as many times as needed.

So here’s to RUNNING ALL 500 MILES of the El Camino De Santiago.

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The Journal

As I prepare for the El Camino in May of 2020, I still have a lot to learn and unlearn. I will be documenting the process in the Training Journal.

What to Expect

  • Training Schedule

  • Diet and Lifestyle Tips

  • Books I am Reading

    And more…..