If Ever I Learned A Lesson


If ever I learned a lesson, it was that everyday is an opportunity to call your highest self forward. 

Choice is powerful. I am convinced. 

It is the decider of fate, of outcome and joy. When you walk past a stranger and you choose to acknowledge their presence, or not. You have added or subtracted a part of yourself. 

Choice is powerful, it is a physical thing. 

I was once faced with a decision to forgive my parents for the lack of, well, everything. I was angry. 

I told myself, choice is a powerful thing, the one thing I will always own and if I give it up now, I will set a precedence for everything that enters my life. 

Choice is the one thing we desire to control fully, yet when given the opportunity to do so, we choose the easy way out. 

Choosing right is not always easy and it is hardly ever profitable, but it will bring you joy, peace like a river just like scripture says. We have to do our best to bring our highest self forward. 

Sarah Forrest1 Comment