Storytelling Experience

 “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” - Philip Pullman

I believe we are all storytellers, we carry with us deep and meaningful moments that come together as one. Our stories have the potential to connect us, bind us, fuse us together. 

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Road Trip // Austin to Marfa

" The road was a medium an outlet, a means to an end and I'm not sure we give it all the credit it deserves.  A stranger became a friend - a listening ear - a support - a partner and there is something to be said for the incredible amount of power that holds. 

Out here the stories come to you and I hope you find every possible way to make them come to life.



Happiness is action, at the end of each day there was not much to say but we both knew, sleep would be well. You can't preserve the moment, but we were there and thats good enough for me. 

- memories 

- En Route -


Marfa // Meet 12 phenomenal Storytellers 

I spent the last 5 days learning to believe in my words- as I physically spoke my work into existence over and over - explaining to then strangers / now friends, partners, and supporters, what my work meant to me.

Falling silent at times - in awe of the love and encouragement that was held in a single space - shared between almost strangers. - each individual carried with them a very unique contribution and each of us walked away carrying a bit of that light and a bit of their burden for them. - that is powerful.

Day by Day // Ready, Go