I'm Sarah. I am a Lifestyle Photographer and Visual Storyteller. 

I started taking photos about three years ago. I was inspired, adventurous, curious and willing to try something I hadn't tried before. 

I was studying medicine at the time (I have never used my degrees) I fell wildly in love with capturing moments and telling a story through photography. Pursuing my love for photography quickly became pursuing my love for PURSUING PASSIONS. 

So, here I am three years later, I have graduated college, quit two salaried positions (not for everyone.) Living everyday in search of stories to tell and people to tell them. If anyone would have asked me to map out my 5 year plan, I never in my wildest dreams would mapped this and I hope to live the next 5 years the same way. 



I believe pattern makers and idealists hold a valuable position in our society and my dream is to find ways to inspire others to get to know the world around them, dream big and always find a way to follow that which deeply moves you. 

I am on a mission to tell compelling stories and empower the next generation of innovators and world shakers. I am passionate about educating and connecting. 

My goal is to lead by example and encourage a generation to use the tools they have to make an impact however and wherever they can. 

Thank You